Mr Brown Mouse

A delightful set of 19 audiobooks for children from as young as 3 years old. Over 3.7 hours of heart-warming, child-friendly adventure that gently introduces concepts of kindness, courage, friendship, problem solving, helpfulness, loyalty and more. Professional narration with multiple characters. Beautiful, originally written & scored orchestral music + awesome age-appropriate sound effects. Perfect for bedtime, road-trips, bonding moments and teachable moments.

"These audiobooks saved my sanity!" - Tammy, Mom of TWO

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Mr Brown Mouse & The Bear - STORY 6

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Mr Brown Mouse 19-Page Colouring-In Book


How To Buy Audiobooks & Why Mr Brown Mouse?

Please note: If you are on an iPhone, please go to the email we send you with the download links and do the download on a computer. Then "sync" the audiobooks to your iPhone from your iTunes library. We apologise for this extra step for iPhone users but iPhones don't allow audio downloads other then through iTunes. 

NOTE: MBM is also available for streaming or purchase most places audiobooks are sold, like Spotify (UK, USA, CA, AUS, NZ, UAE), Apple, Google Play, Barnes & Noble etc. (Not Audible - their royalty split is unreasonable).


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Through the joy of storytelling we have created a series of 19 delightful audiobook stories for young children.

Our aim is to be able to help!

We hope to help parents (when you need it most!) On those occasional nights where you may have had a tough day and are not able to do a bedtime story, Mr Brown Mouse Audiobooks are a great, safe and child-friendly option allowing you to take a moments rest when you may really need it.

We hope to help children... With over 3.7 hours of fun adventure (complete set), all our stories are created with wholesome, child-friendliness in mind. They gently introduce themes of courage, friendship, willingness, optimism and selflessness while helping grow the imagination. You can be sure that your child is listening to safe and uplifting stories. The Mr Brown Mouse stories also nearly always end in "bedtime" for Mr Brown Mouse, helping your child feel sleepy and ready for bed.

We also hope to help others... As Mr Brown Mouse is often found helping other animals in the forest (even Mr Snake who had a knot in his tail) If MBM is able to achieve viable sales we also hope to be able to help those around us who may need help. We will keep you posted!

Just a few other reasons WHY:

• Mr Brown Mouse stories are great for bonding and teachable moments as you and your child can listen and enjoy together. 

• They are Awesome for road trips and holidays to help the children handle the trip.

• Great for babysitters, Au pairs and child minders.  

• They are only R29.95 each! (less then $2.50) 


• A Delightful, story in MP3 format suited to children from around 3 - 6+ years old (dependent on the child).

• Professional, top quality Voice Overs with multiple characters. 

• 100% Originally written and scored orchestral backing music by a professional composer (multiple tracks.)

• Delightful, age-appropriate sound effects.

• Originally illustrated, full-colour cover art for your MP3. 


"...I've just finished listening to the 2nd story in the Mr Brown Mouse series and want to say how delightful they are! My little toddlers at my playgroup listen to them as they play with blocks or puzzles and keep asking to repeat the same story (hence only getting through 2 so far). Well done...! Wishing you great success with this and other series you may produce!" 

Dinorah (playgroup teacher)



"Thank you for the beautiful stories!! The kids and I are loving them ❤️❤️"

Tracy (mom of 2)



"These audiobooks saved my sanity!" 

Tammy (mom of 2, Special Needs Occupational Therapist) 



"I bought the first set of 6 last week... my boys can't get enough and already have their favourites! We can't wait for the next ones!! (Nothing like the silence of children absorbed in a story 💜💙)." 

Vicky (mom of 2)



My children, aged 4 and 5 years old, absolutely love the Mr Brown Mouse stories. We've purchased them all and it's our daily car audio African adventure entertainment! Car journeys fly by now!"

Mary (teacher-MEd, mom of 2)



“...My kids LOVED the next 6 so we’re waiting for more... ha ha No kidding! They LOVE the stories and ask for them ALL the time!”

Debbie (mom of 3)



"My daughter is definitely more auditory sensitive and she just loves listening to your stories. Mr Brown Mouse and the Ostrich Egg is definitely her favourite! Thank you for these little gems! X" 

Chantelle (mom of 2)



"We just listened to this on the way back from the berg! Our boys loved it!!!! 💕"

Sarah (mom of 3)



"Mr Brown Mouse stories are so special. Each story has really been so well thought out, with incredible characters to meet along the way and stories that teach your kids gentleness, kindness and celebrate difference. They are the perfect way to engage your kids while you are needing to get something done without needing to rely on screen time. Using the audio books on long trips has also been a game changer for us. Highly recommend investing in the whole series!"

Kirsten (mom of 2, Special Needs Occupational Therapist)

About Us

We are a South African based company working with exceptionally talented individuals from around the world. We would like to give special thanks and credit to Hernan C. Fioravanti for composing and scoring the wonderful, child-friendly Mr Brown Mouse music themes. Thank you Hernan!